Bob Bastiaans raises $9,170 of his $12,000 Goal for Aid for Wounded Warriors after the Florida Ironman Competition

Bob has taken a step back after his recent 1/2 marathon in Chicago but still working to support our cause – God Speed Bob Bastianns

“As you may or may not know I had emergency leg (right) surgery due to the leg being infected on March 21st.  Fluid accumulated on my right knee a couple of days after running a half marathon in Chicago along Lake Michigan on March 11th.  The irony of it all is that the name of the Half Marathon was the Get Lucky Half Marathon.  Well not so much for me LOL.  I actually had a great race.  I just froze due to the weather.”


First I wish to thank all of you who have already made donations this year to help our veterans.  As of this afternoon we are 76% of the way ($9,170) to our 2016 goal of raising $12,000 for our servicemen and women.

Florida Ironman #4 is in the books!  YEAH!  This IM followed a similar pattern  as do 80% of the triathlons that I enter.  The weather last Wednesday, Thursday and Friday was very nice: 78 to 80 degrees and light wind.  Late Friday night a cold front moved in and the high was 73 ish degrees but the winds ranged from 16 mph to 19 mph with gusts of 24 mph.  Today, Sunday, the wind is calmer 8 to 10 mph and the ocean is pretty calm.  We had large swells yesterday but nothing too bad.  I did lose 12 minutes on my 2nd swim lap due to an inexperienced kayaker.  We had a strong current going from left to right as I headed back into the swim finish.  We could not see the buoys on the swim in and a kayaker approached me from my left so I assumed I was pushed too far to the left by the current.  So I swam to the right.  The kayaker kept approaching me on my left so I keep moving right.  I could see his mouth moving but of course with the ear plugs, swim cap and the waves coming over me I could not hear him.  Eventually I got far enough away that I could see him and he was pointing for me to go left.  WHAT!!!  He obviously has never herded swimmers before.  The Kayaker should always be on the opposite side that he wants the swimmer to go.

The bike was tough due to the strong headwinds etc.  I lost 27 minutes on the bike from a couple of years ago.  The run was OK.  What the heck, I am not fast at any of this anyway.  I had fun!  I finished and I had a great support team, Jan, her sister Carol and her husband Mike.  Also with your help we are helping our Veterans!

By the way, I finished with 3 minutes and 18 seconds to spare: 16:56:42.  Pretty normal for me.  If it wasn’t for the kayaker experience I probably would have set a PR.  Oh well maybe next year.  I did reach my weight loss goal of losing 20 lbs before November 1st.  Since May 20th I have lost 23 lbs.  I am planning on losing 10 more.

BTW next year my Ironman will be the Copenhagen Ironman August 20th Thank God I have plenty of time to recoup and to train.

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To assist me in this endeavor to help our veterans there are three options you can choose from:

1) Make a donation at

2) Join my efforts in raising funds for Aid for Wounded Warriors with your own website.  You can click on the link in my website titled “Become a Fundraiser” (top center of the page).  You do not need to do an Ironman to participate – any event you compete in is more than welcomed – a 5K or 10K walk or run, a doggie walk, a golf tournament, a tennis tournament, the specifics do not matter so much as your ability to encourage others to help raise funds for Aid for Wounded Warriors.

3) Share this information with friends who may be interested in helping our veterans who have sacrificed so much.

Thank you for your consideration and support.

Never Surrender Always Tri

Bob Bastiaans