Chenega Corporation Kicks off Azalea Charities Corporate & Community Giving Plan with a $75,477.77 Donation

Azalea Charities’ Corporate & Community Giving Plan is off to a great start with a donation of $75,477.77 from Chenega Corporation’s Military Intelligence and Operations Support Strategic Business Unit (MIOS).  This is a strong start for Azalea Charities’ efforts to reach a fundraising goal of $5 Million for 2017-2018. The money will be used to fund the dual mission of Azalea CharitiesNorthern Virginia charities from Arlington to Fredericksburg and Aid for Wounded Warriors.

The donation by Chenega MIOS is the result of its 11th Annual Chenega Invitational Golf tournament held on May 18, 2017 at Old Hickory Golf Club in Woodbridge, Virginia. By appealing to the business community, the Chenega MIOS team raised $60,000 pre-event and an additional $15,477.77 through raffle ticket sales and silent auction purchases for a grand total of over $75,477.77.

The commitment to the cause of wounded warriors was enhanced by speaker Bart Skiba, Founder and President of the 3rd Battalion 8th Marines Operation Iraqi Freedom − Operation Enduring Freedom Veterans Charity.  Mr. Skiba described his experiences during two of the most intense combat deployments of Operation Iraqi Freedom − Fallujah in 2005 and Ramadi in 2006. His unit sustained 36 Marines killed in action and over 350 casualties. He started the charity to help his comrades from the 3rd Battalion 8th Marines who are wounded and whose lives are forever impacted by their experience in defending our nation.

Chenega Corporation’s Military Intelligence and Operations Support Strategic Business Unit has been raising funds for Azalea Charities Aid for Wounded Warriors since 2007, with the Inaugural Chenega Invitational Charity Golf Tournament. Since 2007, Chenega MIOS has been able to donate over $500,000 to benefit Aid for Wounded Warriors.

John Campagna, President of Chenega MIOS, expresses his deep regard for our wounded warriors,By supporting Azalea Charities, we provide our service men and women with the resources and assistance to maintain their dignity and to feel appreciated for their sacrifices. The debt owed by all Americans to those of who have given can never be fully repaid, but that doesn’t mean we should ever stop trying. The time is now to open our hearts – and our wallets – and give often, give generously, and never forget that without our service members we would not be the Nation we are today. We owe this at least, to our Heroes.”

Chenega Corporation’s Military Intelligence and Operations Support Strategic Business Unit presents a check to Azalea Charities in support of Aid for Wounded Warriors. Left to right are John Campagna – President Chenega MIOS; Frank E. Lasch, Sr., Chairman & Founder of Azalea Charities; April El Nagdy – Chenega MIOS Marketing Manager; Carolyn Maloney – Chenega MIOS Marketing Director and Kayla Perkins – Chenega MIOS Marketing Coordinator.