Warrior Wellness Program Provides Yoga and Nutrition for Wounded Heroes and Their Families

The Peace of Mind & Body Yoga Studio’s Warrior Wellness Program is designed to provide a balanced, holistic approach that addresses the physical, mental, and nutritional needs of the Warrior and their family.  A Warrior Yoga component of the program assists with the physical and mental aspects, while the nutritional needs are addressed by a Warrior Nutrition component that incorporates a JuicePlus+ program and wellness counseling managed by Cathy Murphy, RN and Certified Wellness Professional.

Thanks to the generous funding support from Azalea Charities, Peace of Mind & Body Yoga has been able to subsidize the costs of offering our yoga and nutrition program to Wounded Warriors and Disabled Veterans, as well as their families/caregivers within the local community.  

Since the inception of the program, we have worked with several veterans. Many of the vets are struggling with even getting out of their house, so many participants cannot attend regular yoga sessions.  Having observed this, we have “tweaked” our processes to establish a better understanding from the start that participation is essential, both for their growth and because of the limited resources available to help other vets in need.  The testimonials below illustrate some of the benefits observed by our program participants.

“I started using Juice Plus on January 1, 2016. I had been experiencing constant pain, every day, all day. I am a disabled veteran with significant skeletal injury, debilitating migraines, and fibromyalgia.

For years I have been treated by physicians for pain management. I have several prescriptions to manage the pain. It seemed that pain was just something I had to learn to live with. Within one month of using Juice Plus, I noticed a difference. My migraines were not as frequent, and definitely not as severe. I also noticed that my fibromyalgia pain was less. Now that I have taken Juice Plus for nearly three full months, I can say that I have only had 3 migraine headaches total and have taken pain medicine only 4 times. I do not feel dependent on medicine to manage my pain. It is a wonderful, free, feeling!

My husband is also a disabled veteran and he made the decision to take Juice Plus in January as well. In addition to the Juice Plus, he began a physician monitored fitness and nutrition program.

Within 40 days of beginning this program, he lost 30 pounds! His A1C levels dropped 5 digits and the physician significantly reduced the medications he had been taking. He is a new, healthier, man!

We can’t thank Azalea Charities, Peace of Mind and Body Yoga, and Juice Plus for the wonderful health improvements we have experienced in these three short months!”

~ NB

“FYI, yoga has improved my ability to relax and focus. As you can tell, I don’t miss many classes, mostly because it helps me to de-stress. This helps reduce my blood pressure, as well as decrease some of the PTSD issues, which in turn helps me to be less dependent on some of the medications that are taken on an as needed basis.  I think a holistic approach including yoga and nutrition has been helpful in continuing my journey to better health.”

~ JM