Bob Bastiaans

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Bob Bastiaans competes in Triathalons to Raise Funds for Aid for Wounded Warriors

Bob has taken a step back after his recent 1/2 marathon in Chicago but still working to support our cause – God Speed Bob Bastianns

“As you may or may not know I had emergency leg (right) surgery due to the leg being infected on March 21st.  Fluid accumulated on my right knee a couple of days after running a half marathon in Chicago along Lake Michigan on March 11th.  The irony of it all is that the name of the Half Marathon was the Get Lucky Half Marathon.  Well not so much for me LOL.  I actually had a great race.  I just froze due to the weather.”

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Competing in an athletic event is a rewarding personal experience made even more satisfying when you do it for a cause. Once again this year, Bob Bastiaans will be raising money for members of our armed forces who were injured while fighting for freedom. Bob started doing triathlons at age 59 for a variety of reasons. When he started doing longer triathlons, he realized that he could raise funds for wounded service men and woman. Bob does not consider himself a star Triathlete, referring to himself as an “Age Group Survivor”. Bob will turn age 69 in July, 2017, and plans to continue to complete in Ironman triathlons as long as God sees fit for him to do so. This is Bob’s eighth year of raising funds for the wounded veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan. “I thank God every day that he has given me the ability to both compete in and complete these events as a rallying point for helping the wounded veterans.” 100% of the funds raised go to wounded servicemen and woman.

Thank you for your support! Bob Bastiaans

For 2017 Bob is preparing to participate in the

Copenhagen, Denmark Ironman
on Sunday, August 20, 2017.