Are my donations to Azalea Charities a tax deduction?
YES, because we have an IRS Tax number for a non-profit. Ask your tax accountant how to handle your IRS filing.

Does 100% of my contribution go direct to charities?
YES. Beyond minimal expenses, all the funds we raise go to charitable causes

Does Azalea charities have any paid staff?
NO. Our organization is made up of 100% volunteers who donate their time and talents because they believe in the mission of Azalea Charities.

Why do you only support local charities?
Our goal is to someday grow enough to include charities outside our local area. We have started in our local area with the hope you can see your donations at work and be inspired to continue to donate.

How is the money spent?
Azalea Charities, Inc. is a non-profit organization that raises funds to support a dual mission. Internationally, we focus on Aid for Wounded Warriors. We also support youth and special needs projects in our local Northern Virginia area.

Through Aid for Wounded Warriors, Azalea Charities provides help for our service people as well as the families who stand behind them. Support is adapted to the need – ranging from mortgage and rent payments, utility payments, gas cards and Wal-Mart cards to special needs such as the training of service dogs and provision of services to caregiving families.  Azalea provides day-to-day support for these heroes in ways that address their lifetime needs.

In Northern Virginia, Azalea Charities provides financial support to Boys & Girls Clubs, Special Olympics, Homeless Shelters (ACTS, SERVE, Carpenter’s Shelter), Leukemia/Lymphoma Research, Juvenile Diabetes, and Education-based projects.