Aid for Wounded Warriors

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Aid for Wounded Warriors began in June 2004, when the Board of Azalea Charities unanimously approved the request of Captain George Kraus, USN Retired, to support his efforts to provide comfort items to our wounded military men and women and their families.  Since then, through the generosity of individuals and businesses, we have provided thousands of comfort items to these deserving heroes.

  • Outreach to VA and Military Hospitals provides aid to military wounded and families vetted by VA military sources. Support includes financial help,  comfort and relief items, holiday parties and visits to the men and women who have given so much to our nation. Our scope of service includes Walter Reed, Bethesda Naval, Mologne and Fisher Houses as well as VA Medical Centers nationwide.
  • Quality of Life Foundation supports the needs of caregivers faced with the challenging task of long-term care of a wounded loved one. Azalea Charities provides financial support for an “Unmet Needs Fund” to help families deal with unexpected expenses.
  • Fisher House Foundation Fisher Houses provide military families housing close to a loved one during hospitalization for an illness, disease or injury.
  • Partner Organizations allow Azalea Charities to extend its resources to better serve those in need.  We work with organizations whose missions complement our own to produce a tight knit group that all can rely on for support.
  • Veterans of WWII, Korea and other conflicts are supported as requests are made.  Although most of our efforts go to warriors who have served in Iraq and Afghanistan, we have reached out on several occasions to help all our veterans.
  • Internationally, more than 50 countries stand side by side with our men and women in the fight for freedom. We work with organizations such as the Allied Forces Foundation to support the Allied wounded worldwide.