Support Bob Bastiaans in the September 23 Augusta Half Ironman to Raise Funds for Aid for Wounded Warriors

Last Triathlon for Azalea Aid for Wounded Warriors On My Own Knees

As I shared with you in the Spring of 2017 I suffered a devastating knee infection.  I had to pull out of Ironman Copenhagen in August of 2017.  The effects of the infection upon my body was far greater than I hoped or ever imagined.   After 18 months of therapy, recovery and triathlete training I have had to succumb to the reality that the infection destroyed my right and only halfway good knee and I am not able to run.  At this time in my life I have had to admit that bilateral knee replacement is necessary ASAP.  I know that with the right: doctor, prosthetic, recovery and training I will be able to compete once again in half and full Ironman Triathlons (yes, many people compete in endurance races after knee replacement).  I am interviewing 3 highly recommended surgeons next week.  In the meantime, I started to learn how to Race Walk 5 weeks ago.  My swim (1.2 miles) and bike (56 miles) times at the upcoming Augusta Half Ironman September 23rd will be decent but my half marathon run will slow but I should still finish in the maximum allowed times of 8 ½ hours.

My wife, Jan, will be joining me in supporting Azalea Aid for Wounded Warriors by competing in the Augusta Half Ironman with me.  This will be her first ever Half Ironman distance triathlon.  She is in far better condition and more talented than I am.  I estimate that she will complete the race in 6 3/4 hours + or -.  Obviously, well ahead of me.

Jan’s number is #1727 and my bib number is #3614 and I am in the 70-74 age group.  The swim start is a self-seeding system based on how fast the swimmer thinks he/she will finish the swim.  That way us slower swimmers do not get run over by the faster swimmers.  The Age Groupers (us) start the swim in a “Rolling Start” at 7:50 a.m. EDT.  Our guess is that Jan and I will start between 8:20 a.m. and 8:45 a.m.  BTW we swim downstream in the Savannah river with a bit of a current helping (3 to 5 knots).  It is a nice swim.  Last time I did this race I finished the swim in about 34 minutes

You can follow us if you wish by downloading the Ironman Tracker App to your computer or smartphone.

The past 18 months has provided me a small taste of what our servicemen and woman who have suffered injuries have endured.  I was down and out for quite a while, but many of our veterans have life-long injuries.  They need our help.  Of course, we are competing to help raise funds for our heroes.  Azalea has built a nice web site for me.

I am certain that your generosity and thoughts will help me as we strive to cross the finish line with a smile and good spirits in Augusta, Georgia and more importantly it will help our Wounded Warriors and their families.

Never Surrender Always Tri!

Thank you

Bob Bastiaans