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Bob Bastiaans competes in Triathalons to Raise Funds for Aid for Wounded Warriors

Bob Bastiaans is entering his 9th year of raising funds in support of the Azalea Charities cause.  His 2018 goal is to raise $8,000 for Aid for Wounded Warriors.

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Competing in an athletic event is a rewarding personal experience made even more satisfying when you do it for a cause. Once again this year, Bob Bastiaans will be raising money for members of our armed forces who were injured while fighting for freedom. Bob started doing triathlons at age 59 for a variety of reasons. When he started doing longer triathlons, he realized that he could raise funds for wounded service men and woman. Bob does not consider himself a star Triathlete, referring to himself as an “Age Group Survivor”. Bob will turn age 79 in July, 2018, and plans to continue to complete in Ironman triathlons as long as God sees fit for him to do so. This is Bob’s ninth year of raising funds for the wounded veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan. “I thank God every day that he has given me the ability to both compete in and complete these events as a rallying point for helping the wounded veterans.” 100% of the funds raised go to wounded servicemen and woman.

2018: The Year of the Comeback for Azalea Aid for Wounded Warriors

As I shared with you in the Spring of 2017, I suffered a devastating knee infection with effects on my body that were far greater than I hoped or even imagined.  I had to pull out of Ironman Copenhagen last August, as well as several other training events that I had planned with half-marathons and marathons.  At this point in my recovery I am at 100% for swimming and 100% for biking.  In fact, Jan, my fiancée, and I have already registered for the Elephant Rock 100-mile bike ride set for Sunday, June 3rd, which will include about 6,800 ft. of ascent.  I have used this ride as a training ride for my past Ironman events, and expect to be able to handle it well this year.  While I am feeling strong for swimming and biking, my running has been extremely slow at coming back.  At best I am only around 20% for running.  I have suffered a couple of setbacks since Thanksgiving, but I believe I am making slow and steady progress now.  The bright side is that I am making a whole lot of people on the Cherry Creek Path feel really fast – I actually still cannot jog faster than I walk; however, I feel certain that will change one day in the not-so-distant future.

I have a GOAL for 2018.  Every day, I look at a sign on my refrigerator that I put there back in 2012: “NEVER SURRENDER – ALWAYS TRI”.  Jan, who completed a Sprint and an Olympic Triathlon in her earlier years, gave me a nice Christmas present.  She registered for the Augusta Half Ironman which occurs on September 23, 2018.  I was thrilled.  I immediately registered for that event as well, and we will race the Half Ironman distance together.  Well, sort of – we will be together for the start, and then she will probably finish about 2 hours before me.  With this event on the calendar I have no choice but to make huge improvements in my running.

I am planning on competing in a Full Ironman 140.6 again in 2019.  I just need more time to get the running back in shape for the marathon portion of an Ironman140.6.

This whole experience has provided me with a small taste of what is faced by our servicemen and woman who have suffered injuries.  I was down and out for quite a while, but many of our veterans deal with lifelong injuries.  They need our help, so once again I will be competing to help raise funds for our heroes.  Azalea has built a new web site for me that is brand new as of this week:

Thank you for your support! Bob Bastiaans

For 2018 Bob is preparing to participate in the
IRONMAN 70.3 Augusta being held on Sunday, September 23, 2018.