Marine Corps Marathon Fundraising

Team Azalea Charities is committed to giving you the resources and sharing our ideas to make your fundraising a positive experience and your fundraising goal a reality. Rest assured, we want to make it as easy as possible with materials to increase awareness of your fundraising campaign and for you to accept donations via credit card, check, or cash with the ability to provide your donors with a thank you note and receipt they can use when filing their tax return.

The Value of Email

Sending emails to friends, family, and co-workers from your contact list is an extremely efficient and effective way to get the word on your fundraising campaign out quickly.  If you don’t think this is personal enough, of course you can cut and paste essentially the same email and personalize it slightly to send out individual emails.  Either way, your emails can point to your fundraising web page for individuals interested in making secure credit card donations (see details below) and also attach our 2019 TEAM Azalea Charities Donation Form if they wish to donate by writing a personal check they can mail directly to Azalea Charities. This is particularly useful for soliciting donations from businesses or your employer.  When checks accompanied by the donation forms are mailed, either by you or your donor directly to Azalea Charities, Doug Taggart will update your respective fundraising page reflecting the check amount that has been received.

Make Your Customized Fundraising Webpage Your Campaign Headquarters

Finding/Customizing Your Fund Raising Page: As part of the process of signing up with Team Azalea Charities, an individual fundraising web site has automatically been created for you.  That site can be found by going to the main registration/fundraising link and scroll down to the Top Fundraisers (5 are listed on the right hand side of the screen) and you will see the note “See All Fundraisers”.   Click on that link and you will see all of the current supporters.  Once you have your fundraising page located you may customize it and send the link to friends, family, your other supporters, etc…

It is a good practice to personalize your fundraising page with your own goals, upload a picture, add your own experiences, your own reasons for running the race in support of the Team Azalea Charities Run For Wounded Warriors cause, etc. 

Seeking Matching donations from your Employer

Please investigate whether your company has a ‘matching donations’ program, since this provides you an opportunity to double your contributions from anyone who makes donations from your company.  We also suggest you ask your donors if their company does matching donations.  The requisite tax deductible 503(3)(c) documentation from the IRS will need to be forwarded to these donors for their company records.

Saying Thank You

Rest assured all your donors will receive a confirmation email or thank you memo when they make a donation.  For credit card donations made on your fundraising page, our fundraising system auto-generates an email to your donors briefly confirming their donation and thanking them for their generosity.  For donations received by check, Azalea Charities will send a confirmation and thank you memo directly to your donors by mail.

Info on How Donations are Used

Your sponsors will likely want to know how their donations are being used.  We encourage you to visit or point your donors to the Azalea Charities, Inc. website  to view accounts on how we are helping combat wounded soldiers, sailors, airmen, and Marines returning from Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as helping veterans from previous wars.  We are committed to remember our heroes long after they disappear from the headlines.